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Just say “no” to recreational pot?

As five states vote on whether to legalize recreational pot, Dr. Jon LaPook visits Pueblo, Colorado, a town that knows firsthand the impact of the legal weed business.

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Largest driving impaired conference in nation focuses on Colorado

DENVER — More than 1,000 law enforcement agents, prosecutors, toxicologists and drug recognition experts converged on Denver for the 22nd annual IACP Impaired Driving Conference on Monday…

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A Video is Worth a 1000 Words

New York Police have a number of methods for combatting DWIs. Some are based on technology such as the breathalyzer while other sobriety tests are based on officer’s perceptions. A device that combines technology with perception is the DAX evidence recorder which has been used by NYPD for about two years…

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KVUE - Austin, TX

– May 17, 2016

Jenni Lee, KVUE

APD looking at new tool for DWI arrests

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October 27, 2014
10-43: Be Advised… with Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chie

Cool new police tech tracks eyes to assess drug, alcohol impairment

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  • SDHP Annual WET Lab in Rapid City January 18, 2018
    The Highway Patrol conducted their annual WET lab on Wednesday in Rapid City, feeding alcohol to volunteer drinkers in a controlled situation, so they can train officers to better recognize the signs and symptoms when someone is impaired by alcohol and or drugs. Drug Recognition Expert Sergeant ...
  • 4-year-old found wandering in 1 shoe, no coat in snow, cops say January 18, 2018
    An Allentown area man was jailed after his 4-year-old son was found wandering alone in a snowstorm Wednesday morning outside a Lehigh County hotel, according to police. A woman clearing off her car in the parking lot of the Days Hotel, 3400 Airport Road in Hanover Township, spotted the boy ...
  • Man charged after running naked along highway January 18, 2018
    The deputy - a drug recognition expert - stated that Hiatt's behavior and appearance were consistent with chronic stimulant drug use. Two prescription bottles of amphetamine (a generic form of the drug Adderall) were found in Hiatt's vehicle and he was transported to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital with ...
  • Millinder to Stand Trial in Homicide by Vehicle Case January 18, 2018
    He called his supervisor and requested that a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) be made available. Neither Millinder nor his daughter was injured, and Peters proceeded to conduct his crash investigation. He determined the Corvette and Bel-Air were traveling north when the Jeep crossed into their lane.
  • Roadside drug testing won't be random, won't target medical marijuana, police say January 18, 2018
    In any case, the tests aren't the sole determiner of an impaired driver, said Deputy Brian Webb, a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) for the Sheriff's Office. Driving behavior and roadside sobriety tests will be the first indicators, and basis for probable cause. The real issue motorists and police face will be ...
  • Boy, 4, is found lost in snow with one shoe on Airport Road; dad arrested January 18, 2018
    Freeman seemed dazed, confused and jittery, so he was taken to a police drug recognition expert, who determined he was “impaired” by drugs or alcohol, according to the affidavit. Freeman was arraigned Wednesday night by District Judge Ronald Manescu on the charge of endangering the welfare of ...
  • Man faces trial in fatal crash case January 18, 2018
    Trooper Dennis Peters testified that, when he spoke to Millinder after the accident, he appeared to be under the influence. Peters requested a drug recognition expert to evaluate Millinder. After the evaluation at the police barracks, it was determined that Millinder was under the influence and incapable of ...
  • Officers across the state look to become drug recognition experts with hands on training January 17, 2018
    Law enforcement officers from across the state put their skills to use to become drug recognition experts, a title that is limited nationwide. Volunteers were given varying amounts of 80 proof vodka, all to help 14 officers in Drug Recognition Expert School earn their certification. After 72 hours in the ...