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Just say “no” to recreational pot?

As five states vote on whether to legalize recreational pot, Dr. Jon LaPook visits Pueblo, Colorado, a town that knows firsthand the impact of the legal weed business.

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Largest driving impaired conference in nation focuses on Colorado

DENVER — More than 1,000 law enforcement agents, prosecutors, toxicologists and drug recognition experts converged on Denver for the 22nd annual IACP Impaired Driving Conference on Monday…

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A Video is Worth a 1000 Words

New York Police have a number of methods for combatting DWIs. Some are based on technology such as the breathalyzer while other sobriety tests are based on officer’s perceptions. A device that combines technology with perception is the DAX evidence recorder which has been used by NYPD for about two years…

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KVUE - Austin, TX

– May 17, 2016

Jenni Lee, KVUE

APD looking at new tool for DWI arrests

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October 27, 2014
10-43: Be Advised… with Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chie

Cool new police tech tracks eyes to assess drug, alcohol impairment

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